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“The Weight of a Feather” is a new documentary about Liberty Wildlife and its legacy of preserving nature and different cultures. The film explores how wildlife connects people, nature and cultures. Liberty Wildlife’s stories celebrate its appreciation and preservation of wildlife and nature through partnerships with local organizations. Laura Hackett, Education Coordinator of Liberty Wildlife, and Kristin Atwell Ford, Director & Producer of Quantum Leap Productions, joined Ted to discuss.

“Liberty Wildlife is part of the fascia of our community, there’s so many stories that relate to, not only wildlife rehabilitation, but these intersections with other organizations like Arizona Game and Fish and SPR and APS and the Verde Canyon Railroad and Sunrise Native Recovery,” said Atwell Ford. “The initial story that really drew us to Liberty Wildlife was their non-eagle feather repository.”

Liberty Wildlife’s non-eagle feather repository helps provide feathers to indigenous communities for use in ceremonial purposes.

“We use the tagline, ‘We give life to feather that can no longer fly,'” said Hackett. “So it’s kind of like recycling and helping indigenous cultures around Arizona and around the country.”

As Atwell Ford pointed out, “The Weight of a Feather” begin with the desire to share the story of the feather repository. Through the filmmaking process, she says filmmakers rediscovered the beauty of wildlife in the area.

“We discovered all of this wildlife that lives right here in the city with us,” said Atwell Ford. “It really returned my sense of wonder, to work on this film.”

Liberty Wildlife was founded back in 1981 with only 80 animals. Since then, the non-profit has rapidly grown. This year they helped over 11,000 animals.

Laura Hackett, Education Coordinator of Liberty Wildlife, and Kristin Atwell Ford, Director & Producer of Quantum Leap Productions

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