The Phoenix Boys Choir celebrates it’s 75th anniversary

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The Phoenix Boys Choir (PBC) is celebrating its 75th anniversary with two major concerts on May 12 and May 14. “PBC Playlist: 75 Years Of Song” will pay homage to the legacies of former artistic directors Dr. Harvey K. Smith and Maestro Georg Stangelberger, as well as showcase the new vision and energy of PBC under its current artistic director, Herbert Washington, himself a PBC alumni.

“This is a celebratory season for our 75th anniversary. We’re getting ready to go to Scotland and Ireland for our British Isles tour in about three weeks here, in the first week of June,” Washington said. “This has been incredible.”

From Smith to Stangelberger to Washington, they’ve had great recruitment for the choir. When he was asked how he first got involved, Washington said, “My music teacher, Deborah Branson, who still teaches today, would say, “You know, you should try out for The Phoenix Boys Choir.’ And it was perfect for me because I was always looking for where I belong, connections and friends and family.” Washington adds it meant a lot to him as someone from a low social economic background to participate and to travel internationally.

The Phoenix Boys Choir has a mantra, said choir member Emir Islas: “I am a member of The Phoenix Boys Choir. I am responsible, professional and a friend to all. I try to be the best that I can be. Through my choir, I use my voice to change the world. Who are we? PBC!”

Herbert Washington, Artistic Director; Emir Islas, choir member

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