The controversies of ChatGPT

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We hear a lot of information about the use of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool ChatGPT. But where are the blind spots when it comes to its use in business and education?

ChatGPT recently created a post about a law professor who supposedly was accused of sexual harassment. Turns out ChatGPT got the information wrong. There have been questions raised about whether he could sue ChatGPT for defamation.

Ira Schwartz, Partner at Parker Schwartz, discussed the details of the AI tool and the controversies surrounding it.

“ChatGPT is one of several large language models that are artificially intelligence operated. You can plug in a question, and it will give you an answer in a format that is like you and I are talking,” Schwartz said.

ChatGPT tells you on its very first page it occasionally will get things wrong, and it should not be relied on completely, according to Schwartz.

“Recently some lawyers used it and found out after the fact that ChatGPT cited some cases, and it just made them up,” Schwartz said.

The Copyright Office recently issued some legal guidance about whether written work or artwork created by an AI could be copyright protected. Many technology leaders like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak signed an open petition requesting a six-month pause on development of AI to allow time to find a way to regulate this technology.

“Copyright issues are still under development, but a lot of people are using AI to create content, and there are other AI systems that will create artwork. The current position is that only a human being can create something that is subject to copyright protections,” Schwartz said.

There is no copyright protection when it comes to AI, according to Schwartz. There are two implications: there is no copyright protection if you want to claim it as your own, and if somebody wants to use what you created, there is also no copyright protection.

Ira Schwartz, Partner at Parker Schwartz, PLLC

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