‘Julian Blooms:’ author Phoebe Fox’s latest children’s book

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Phoebe Fox, children’s author discussed her new book, “Julian Blooms.” Fox, who grew up in Phoenix and attended Arizona State University, is a former elementary school librarian.

Fox’s new book is recommended for ages 2 to 8 years. Little Julian, the peachick, was last to hatch and is behind in everything. His mother reassures him that he is wonderful just the way he is, but he longs to catch up with his brothers. When Julian and his mother find themselves in the midst of serious trouble, Julian discovers he has what it takes to bloom!

This picture book was written by Fox and illustrated by Melissa Bailey. The story addresses SEL,social and emotional learning topics, such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship skills.

Fox talked about how important the relationship is between an author and illustrator when creating a picture book for children.

“The pictures are wonderful for telling the story as well, but one of the trends right now is writing a picture book under 500 words, and that is the challenge. So you really need to be able to tell the story in a minimal amount of words. And then if you get the opportunity to work with the illustrator, which is rare, but I got to with “Julian Blooms,” you can modify your text, you can modify the illustrations and really come up with a project together,” said Fox.

Fox and illustrator Melissa Bailey both did a lot research about peacocks to make sure the illustrations were accurate and that the story of a young peachick was also realistic.

The message of the book is that kids should enjoy the journey of life. Fox wanted to portray a young peachick with a supportive mother to help kids understand that life will happen as long you’re patient and have support around you.

Learn more about Fox and her other books on her website, Mamafox Books.

Phoebe Fox, author of children's book "Julian Blooms"

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