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Arizona author and motivational speaker Bob Logan has written a new book: “Let Your Path Find You: Embrace Your Own Winding Road to a More Fulfilling Life.” It’s an inspirational book guiding readers on a journey of self-discovery and purpose. Logan offers practical tips, strategies and exercises to help readers identify their unique talents and passions, overcome obstacles and take action towards achieving their goals.

“I’ve had a number of jobs that I’ve taken over the years that many people in my circle thought, ‘Bob, I’m not sure that’s a good move for you,’ and every one of those moves were great moves. It just kinda showed me that it’s ok to take risks and try new things, and it’s ok to fail sometimes,” said Logan.

Three times he has walked the 1500-year-old Camino de Santiago, the 500-mile spiritual journey across northern Spain, learning valuable life lessons he shares here. He was an undergrad at Northern Arizona University and earned his MBA at the University of Arizona (U of A). After an extensive coaching career, he spent nearly 30 years at AT&T and at U of A, raising millions of dollars in philanthropy for U of A. He was responsible for some of the largest gifts in the history of the university.

“You have to look inside. You have to really look inside and not be afraid to make a change. I was fortunate that I always had great bosses. I never had a mistake on that side. I had challenging situations, but being in great organizations made my life pretty simple.” said Logan.

One major point of Logan’s book is that failure is a natural part of life. Being afraid of failure means being afraid to move forward. Logan pushes his readers to embrace the possibility of failure and use it as a learning experience.

Bob Logan, Author

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