Republicans open impeachment inquiry against President Biden

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy directed the chamber he runs to open an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. McCarthy leveled a series of accusations against Biden that he said amounted to a “picture of a culture of corruption” and warranted the House using its most potent investigative tool to try to make the case for removing the President.

Among the accusations: Biden has made false or overly simplistic statements about his son’s business dealings, and what he knew about them.

House Republicans have not presented any proof that President Biden ever profited off his son’s business deals. Republicans argue that opening an inquiry will give them the authority to uncover more information.

Former U.S. attorney Paul Charlton; and member of Dentons’ White Collar and Government Investigations practice, joins Arizona Horizon to discuss the inquiry.

The Republicans have been able to find prove that relates to Hunter Biden.

What the Republicans haven’t been able to put together is any kind of a connection between President Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s criminal wrongdoings according to Charlton. Although they have met the threshold to begin the inquiry process.

“What the Republican leadership and the House has said is that these hearings will go forward even in an event of a shutdown,” Charlton said.

Paul Charlton, Former U.S. Attorney

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