New book on climate makes a case for reckless optimism

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The ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination has launched a book of science fiction and essays from an international group of writers. The writers are said to be from 14 different countries.

The collection makes a case for climate optimism and seeks to spark positive change by reimagining the future as dynamic, decarbonized, and shaped by climate.

Ed Finn, Founding Director of the Center, joined Arizona Horizon to talk about the book.

The book’s idea came from the desire to create bright possibilities in the face of climate change, which will hopefully inspire change in the present.

“If we only spend our time talking about the things we’re fighting against, we’re never going to figure out what we’re fighting for; we need stories about the victory conditions,” said Finn.

Ed Finn, Founding Director, Center for Science and the Imagination, ASU

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