Sports journalist inspired by the 16th hole and its impact on golf

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Sports journalist and author Dan Bickley shared how the 16th hole at the Phoenix Open inspired his book “The People’s Open: Inside the Ropes at the Greatest Show on Grass.”

Assigned to cover a story about the Phoenix Open, Bickley fell in love with the energy and excitement surrounding the 16th hole. Golf is known to be a very quiet sport, and the intensity of the fans came as a shock to Bickley. 

With time, the 16th hole became its own arena and is often the most crowded part of the course. 

The Phoenix Open and its 16th hole became the most attended tour and shaped the PGA tour from then on. 

The 16th hole not only became one of the most well-loved spots on the course, but it changed golf altogether. What was once a silent sport, golf has seen an increase in music and more audience engagement. There have also been course design changes to allow different angles for spectators. 

Bickley joined Arizona Horizon to discuss his love for the sport because of the 16th hole and how writing his book was a “labor of love.” 

Dan Bickley, Sports Journalist, Author

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