Sky Harbor offers workshop for tips on traveling with dementia

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Twice a year, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport offers a dementia travel workshop. The goal of the workshop is to help families and care providers navigate travel with someone that has dementia, which can be particularly difficult in a bustling airport.

“We’re constantly looking at how we can improve things, and with the aging population of people who are traveling through we want to make sure that we provide opportunities for them to explore the different resources that are available to them,” said Misty Cisneros

“We realize it’s not necessarily the person traveling that has dementia that has the challenges, but the caregivers. So making sure that we provide opportunities to share with them. Look, these resources are available to you, if you like to travel, we’re going to help you do that,” continued Cisneros.

Sky Harbor was the first airport in the country to offer this workshop, which began last year.

The next one is scheduled for Wednesday, July 17, 2024.

Misty Cisneros-Contreras, Superintendent of Customer Service, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

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