Wildflower season is blooming

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Wildflower season is in full bloom in Arizona, and travel author Roger Naylor joined us to tell us the best places to see them.

Naylor talked about previous places he visited last year where he’d seen spectacular wildflower blooms.

The first place Naylor talked about was Bartlett Lake. “Once you’re there, make the drive out to Rattlesnake Cove. And along that roadside, you’ll see some really nice displays of poppies, lupines, brittlebush, and some others.” Naylor suggested anyone that wants to see the wildflower blooms should go within the next week or two.

Saguaro Lake, which is closer to the Phoenix metro area, is another place Naylor recommended Arizonans go to check out the flowers.

Another recommendation was Picacho Peak, but Naylor said if you want to see the wildflower blooms in this location, you should go now as the blooms aren’t likely to stick around much longer.

Naylor did say this year’s wildflower bloom isn’t expected to be as vibrant as last year’s, adding the season is likely to be shorter as well.

“Desert wildflowers are small miracles,” Naylor said. “I mean, here are these tiny little plants that elbow aside cactus and rock and rattlesnakes for their moment in the sun. They add a little splash of poetry and perfume to our late winter days. Take advantage of that; it’s such a gift.”

Roger Naylor, author

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