“See the Money” website reveals donor details on big-spending campaigns

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The public can now see information about the donors behind big-spending campaigns. However, some information was absent from the Arizona Secretary of State’s “See the Money” website.

Until this campaign cycle, these groups could keep their funding sources private. But because voters in 2022 approved Proposition 211, a law that requires disclosure from these so-called “dark money” groups, they now must state names.

The disclosure applies to any donor who gives $5,000 or more to any campaign that has spent at least $50,000 on a legislative or statewide campaign, including ballot measures.

For local elections, those amounts are cut in half. The Secretary of State’s office told The Arizona Republic heavy turnover of technology staffers, outdated programs, and insufficient funding hamstrung his office’s ability to post the reports. His office said improvements to the site will be added in the coming weeks.

Mary Jo Pitzl, Senior Reporter at the Arizona Republic and azcentral.com, joined Arizona Horizon to discuss the website and its details.

Mary Jo Pitzl, Senior Reporter, Arizona Republic azcentral.com

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