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Fiesta Mexicana Dance Company has been in the Valley for almost 20 years. The company is the official dance group for the City of Phoenix. We’ll give you an inside look at what it’s like to be part of the company.

Jose Cardenas: Fiesta Mexicana Dance Company has been in the Valley for almost 20 years. The company is the official dance group for the City of Phoenix. In sounds sound S-O-C, producer Yahaira Jacquez and videographer Juan Magana give us an inside look at what it's like to be a part of the company.

Diana Camarillo: Our dance company is called Fiesta Mexicana Dance Company.

Student: It's helped me a lot.

Diana Camarillo: We have dances from all over Mexico and every region is different and has their own unique style in the footwork and the costumes. And of course we have the Latin American countries, Central America and South America. We want to educate our community and our audiences and say, wow, if we see influences of Africa. Or Asia. And then the community sees, well, there's more to the Hispanic culture than what we usually think. We try to be as professional as possible, so that when our artists are on stage you can attract attention and say, wow, this is in our community. These are kids that are our neighbors, that are going to our schools. They are doing something very positive in the community. They are showing a part of a culture that maybe we don't know and we don't understand. Different generations that have been here many years still, that's part of their culture. They want to make sure their kids continue and learn about their culture, so that they don't lose touch with where they are from.

Student: This whole experience has changed my eyes from our perspectives and everything, I really am proud of where I come from and all.

Diana Camarillo: We don't ever close a door to anyone who really wants to be a part of this. A lot of the dance schools in the Valley are very expensive and this gives everyone a chance to be a part of something and try it, at least. If it's not for them, then at least they have tried something normally they may not have a chance to do.

Diana Camarillo: Some parents sometimes get frustrated because, oh, no, practice every day, we have to perform every weekend, it's tough on families. But as time goes on and they see how their kids change, maybe they are more outgoing, they are not as afraid, they are not as shy or timid, they realize that it is something very special for their kids.

Student: It's actually hard, it's hard work. I've done a lot of stuff and this is like one of the most hardest things I've done.

Diana Camarillo: I think we can find out through dance we have much more in common than we thought we did.

Jose Cardenas: Fiesta Mexicana Dance Company performs every weekend at community events and venues. Watch their next performance at Desert Sky Mall in Phoenix Sunday April 6th and April 20th at 3p.m.

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