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South African international recording artist Moabi Kotu, who now lives in the Phoenix area, joined us in the Arizona PBS studios to share his songs “Akekho” and “More Love.”

Kotu grew up being surrounded by music, from neighbors’ chanting to community members harmonizing unrehearsed songs. “I think I fell in love with music for the first time at the age of four, listening to my father’s records, and music was just something that surrounded me, I couldn’t avoid it.” Kotu said. His father played the songs of Louis Armstrong, The Crusaders and Big John Patton, which led to his passion for the jazz genre.

Kotu’s live performances are known for creating a lasting good memory to the audience by presenting South African culture through songs. “My sound sets me apart because it’s original and inspired by the traditions, sounds and languages of the people of Africa, more especially my country South Africa,” Kotu said. 

Kotu’s life can be seen as an inspiration to other children in South Africa, who may also hear the stories of the ancestors and music throughout the villages and cities. “I just feel like I was called to reach people beyond myself through music. Through music, I can tell my story and people can relate to me and see that they are not the only ones that went through this,” Kotu explained. 

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