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Autumn McClintock is a Board Certified Music Therapist residing in Tempe, Arizona. She graduated from Arizona State University’s music therapy program in 2018. When she joined us in the Arizona PBS studio, she performed her songs “Empathy” and “Bed.”

Autumn McClintock grew up in a very musical household. “We were pretty active in church, so I grew up singing in the arms of Jill Scott and Alicia Keys,” she said. “But my parents listen to everything, my dad listened to AC/DC and my mom would listen to Yo-Yo Ma and Linkin Park. It was really confusing but also really eye-opening as a kid to be surrounded by so much music.”

In August of 2020, Autumn announced the start of her own private practice, Open Air Music Therapy. OAMT partners with the Phoenix Conservatory of Music, where Autumn holds her sessions. “Having my own practice allows me to integrate my expertise and culture into my work while being in direct relation with the community.” McClintock explained.

Outside of music, Autumn is a gardening enthusiast, and an adventurous foodie. She loves learning and can be found intensely staring at installations at the Phoenix Art Museum or plants at the Desert Botanical Garden.

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