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Roqy Tyraid, the Californian-born, UK-loving but Phoenix-based lyricist, joined us at the Arizona PBS studios. He shared his new music project “Outbreak” with DJ Ash10, the international DJ perhaps best known for expressing her adventurous, inspirational life and emotions through her music. They performed the songs “Tikka Masala” and “Victor Sweet.”

“The record “Tikka Masala” was inspired by an experience I had at a place called “Passage to India” in Tempe, Arizona,” explains Roqy. “The plate that I had was so fired that I named the record after it.”

Roqy has been residing in Phoenix to advance his artistic career, “ to be able to take the Phoenician flag, and go across over overseas, and put that flag down and say “this is what we are doing in Phoenix”, that has really been one of the highlights of my moments as an artist.” said Roqy. 

Roqy Tyraid and DJ Ash10 met through a mutual friend and musician, “we rocked so many shows together and we were like “why haven’t we done this before?” and that’s how we ended up in this music project together.” explains Roqy.

The music scene in Phoenix is growing and talented, “a few years ago there wasn’t much of a music scene in Phoenix , you never heard of a lot of the local artists, so to see it grow even in the time I have been here has really been incredible.” said DJ Ash10.

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