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Presenting a unique sound that’s part indie rock and part ’80s new wave, Paper Foxes visited the Arizona PBS studios to perform “Power Out” and “Crystal Ball.” Hailing from Phoenix, Paper Foxes is all about switching things up. In fact, the band’s name comes from a shape-shifting motif from Japanese folklore.

According to the band’s website, Paper Foxes describe their style of music as “Dark disco but kinda new wave.” Its lyrics can often be dark, but its overall sound is polished and poppy.

The band members spoke highly of their feelings on stage and their love for music. “We all had that feeling when we hear a song, or we are at a live concert and we get a tingling in our spine,” said vocalist and guitarist CJ Jacobson. “I love performing because it’s the only thing that I can find that feeling with,”  he added. 

Speaking about his favorite thing about performing, guitarist Oliver Lemke said that feeding off the energy of an audience that is really enjoying what they are doing is an incredible feeling. “It makes performing almost effortless, at least for me, it’s an incredible natural high,” Lemke said. 

Paper Foxes have garnered over 100 thousand streams to date, making a name for themselves with their unique brand of alternative-indie come new-wave.

Having gained recognition after being named the best-unsigned band in AZ by Alt Press in 2020, the band gained a number of sync deals with Netflix, MTV and A&E before setting out on a tour of the southwest United States with Hunny and The Happy Fits.

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