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Prescott-based band Ponderosa Grove was born as a way for its members to channel emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic. With passionate songs like “Changin'” and “Save My Soul” on their first album — fittingly titled “The Debut” — it’s clear the band is one to watch in the Arizona music scene.

Unable to perform during the height of the pandemic, the musicians of Ponderosa Grove channeled their energies into songwriting. Of the 11 original songs on “The Debut,” 10 were written between March and December 2020.

Speaking specifically about “Changin’,” singer Candace Devine said the song grew out of a moment where she caught her own gaze in the rearview mirror and reminded herself that although the world was changing around her, she would be able to grow and change with it.

“It’s a song derived out of a pep talk and realizing there was nobody not going through this,” Devine said. “If I could shape it as something to embrace versus crumble under, then it was a lot more bearable.”

The band members spoke highly of their hometown and its love for music. “Growing up in Prescott, there’s music everywhere,” said bassist Cosimo Bohrman.

“Prescott’s very unique in that there’s a lot of places to play music and there’s a lot of support from the community,” agreed guitarist Drew Hall. “You put on a show and people will show up and they will support and they’ll be paying attention.” Though it is a smaller community, he said, it is a music city with a ton of talent.

You can experience Ponderosa Grove and enjoy Prescott in person at the Pure Imagination Festival on May 21.

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