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New Lifestyle Channel Offers Greater Variety of Programs
In Popular How-to Categories, Adds New Categories Such as Fitness

PHOENIX…Nov. 30, 2011…On New Year’s Day, Eight, Arizona PBS will unveil a new lifestyle channel called Eight Life that builds on the popularity of its current how-to programming schedule airing on Eight Create. Eight Life will replace Eight Create on the same channel – 8.2HD/Cox 80. For the current program schedule, visit azpbs.org/schedule.

“We’re taking the how-to franchise of Eight Create and expanding its format to help viewers enrich their lifestyle,” said Eight’s Nancy Southgate, associate general manager – content. “Not only will Eight Life air newer and timelier programs in the most popular categories, but we’ll also add new genres, such as fitness, that will broaden our audience’s experience.”

Southgate said existing program categories best liked by viewers – home, cooking, travel, gardening, painting and crafts – will continue and be enhanced in response to viewer requests. For example, Eight Life will add Woodsmith Shop to its schedule per viewer emails and calls to the station. Some of the mainstay personalities and programs that will continue on Eight Life include This Old House, Sewing With Nancy, Best of The Joy of Painting, travel experts Rick Steves and Rudy Maxa, cooking gurus Julia Child and Jacques Pépin and the Valley’s own Barbara Fenzl, host of Savor the Southwest. Eight Create’s most popular show, America’s Test Kitchen, also will air on Eight Life.

According to Southgate, there is something for everyone on the new Eight Life channel. The station not only is reaching out to existing Eight Create viewers, but also will target niche audiences having the same special interests that are featured in Eight Life programming.

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