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In Arizona State University’s Homecoming Parade in Tempe

PHOENIX…September 26, 2012…What are you a nerd for? Mars, food trucks, volcanoes, kittens? Whatever your passion, there’s a place for you in the Second Annual Nerd Walk sponsored by Eight, Arizona PBS! Free online registration opens today at azpbs.org/nerd. The first 200 people to sign up will receive a T-shirt sporting the winning Nerd design from Eight’s Facebook contest. All online registrants also will receive an Arizona PBS NerdWalk Tattoo.

The winning 2012 Nerd Walk T-shirt design, also announced today, was determined by results from a two-week poll of Eight’s Facebook fans who voted on four different designs. The winner is the Atomic Design.

Atomic nerd

“Everyone’s a nerd for something, and at Eight, our PBS programming touches nearly every interest,” said Eight’s General Manager Kelly McCullough. “From exploring fractal geometry, deconstructing history and whipping up a brûlée to unabashed fandom for Downton Abbey, Austin City Limits and Sid the Science Kid, our public television mandate is producing programs for everyone – regardless of passion or age. And Eight’s quality, commercial-free shows are available to one million Arizona viewers at no charge.”

In 2011, over 100 self-proclaimed PBS nerds of all ages took to the streets to march in support of Arizona PBS during ASU’s Homecoming Parade. This year, Eight anticipates another great turn-out as the event provides a communal experience for enthusiasts of all stripes to gather together, share knowledge and demonstrate a collective identity.

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