Eight presents Maximize Your Retirement Income, featuring host Josh Mellberg – Dec. 5

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PHOENIX — (Nov. 21, 2014) 

Joshua Mellberg is founder and CEO of J.D. Mellberg Financial, an independent financial services firm specialized in retirement income planning. He has been featured in Yahoo! Finance and seen on CNBC, is a registered investment advisor and licensed for life insurance and annuity sales in 50 states. This is his first 90-minute television special.

Both retirees and pre-retirees face challenges in this new economy, explains Mellberg. “Market forces including volatility and inflation are a significant reality, and pensions have become a thing of the past. But with knowledge and preparation, anyone can avoid costly mistakes and maximize every red cent of their income,” he says.
According to Mellberg, 60 percent of Social Security recipients start taking their income as soon as they’re eligible. “There are generally huge financial and tax benefits for waiting,” Mellberg says. 

Mellberg’s goal with this special is to take the mystery out of retirement planning.

“I’m passionate about helping people feel educated and empowered, showing them how to minimize taxes and maximize every cent – up to double their income in retirement from Social Security benefits alone. Retirement income success today is not about one’s net worth, it’s about the secure, spendable income in the bank account every single month,” says Mellberg.

Viewers will be able to obtain DVDs of Mellberg’s special along with bonus gifts when they make a donation of support to Eight, Arizona PBS. Additional information available at www.azpbs.org.

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