Eight issues call for submissions for Season 2 of "Arizona Collectibles"

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Eight hosts evaluation event April 11-12 to be recorded for second season, offering Arizona residents chance to be featured on local series

“Arizona Collectibles” host Beth McDonald of KEZ 99.9 FM returns for season 2 to reveal more of Arizona’s hidden treasures.

PHOENIX – (Jan. 12, 2015)  Eight, Arizona PBS invites collectors throughout Arizona to apply for an opportunity to attend a weekend evaluation event, where they can meet with professional appraisers and possibly showcase their heirlooms and antiques in the second season of Eight’s original series “Arizona Collectibles.” The series, which premiered Sept. 4, takes viewers to a world of treasures as appraisers evaluate and discuss diverse keepsakes of Arizona residents. Season two premieres in fall 2015.

The weekend-long evaluation event featuring Beth McDonald, series host and popular radio personality for Phoenix-based 99.9 FM KEZ, takes place the weekend of April 11-12, and will be recorded to form the basis for the thirteen 30-minute episodes of the second season of “Arizona Collectibles.

“‘Arizona Collectibles’ is a great way for people to find out what their long-treasured items are worth across the state of Arizona. We were amazed at the quality and uniqueness of the items that people shared with us,” says series producer Scott Wallin. “Now we want to build on the great success of last season and allow many others to discover the value hidden in their heirlooms and items that they have treasured.”

For a special invitation to Eight’s studio to get their collectibles evaluated, interested guests can become a member of Eight, Arizona PBS with a $125 pledge of support. As a thank-you gift, they will be allotted a timeslot to appear in the studio and will be able to have up to three items evaluated by professional appraisers at no additional cost. Based on the outcome of the appraiser’s evaluation of their items, guests may be invited to appear on camera with their collectibles. Eight also offers interested collectors the option to submit photos with a brief description of their item(s) for a possible admission ticket. Tickets are limited, so not everyone who submits will be invited. Of those invited, they will have the chance to be selected by producers to possibly be featured on the show. Invited guests can purchase two additional evaluations for $35 each along with their one free evaluation. “I'm thrilled to be back for season two of ‘Arizona Collectibles,’” says host Beth McDonald. “There were so many wonderful surprises during our first season, proving that there are lots of undiscovered treasures out there. ‘Arizona Collectibles’ truly is the best of reality TV…real people with real stories…combined with quality programming! I can't wait to see what season two holds for us!” Each collectible must be within the 50-pound weight limit, and guests must be able to carry their own items for appraisal.

Categories of items eligible for evaluation at the event include:

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