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NEXTGEN TV expands to 11 Phoenix stations, delivering the new generation of digital TV broadcast technology

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Phoenix is one of the most advanced markets delivering NEXTGEN TV broadcast services – with Arizona PBS being the first public television station in the country to launch a Next Gen TV ATSC 3.0 program stream beginning in January 2019.

Audiences in the Phoenix area can now enjoy an expanded roster of 11 local stations delivering the next generation of digital television broadcast technology. With more expansive audio and video options, and other innovative new capabilities, NEXTGEN TV enables TV stations to better personalize broadcasts with information and interactive features, making the content more relevant and engaging for viewers.

Its roadmap was initiated with a deep understanding of the consumer and knowledge about the services and features that provide a valuable viewing experience, which has enabled the expansion of stations. As the Phoenix market continues to innovate on its delivery, viewers will continue to benefit from an early introduction of 4K and interactive content, and other new features that are on the horizon.

NEXTGEN TV is a feature built into select new TV models manufactured by LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony – and widely available to consumers with a rapidly growing number of television sets in homes across the U.S. While features available on NEXTGEN TV will vary by device and by broadcaster as commercial service becomes available in local markets, it is designed to be upgradable, enabling a viewer’s television set to advance in lockstep with the latest technology.

“With NEXTGEN TV, viewers are immersed in stunning video with brilliant color, sharper images, and deeper contrast, making them feel like they’re part of the action,” explained Brian Lawlor, president of local media for The E.W. Scripps Company. “Offering a whole new dimension to TV viewing with the Dolby Audio System and Voice +, available only on NEXTGEN TV, viewers will feel the power of movie theater-quality sound, allowing them to hear every voice clearly and offering uniform volume across different channels.”

NEXTGEN TV delivers:

  • Stunning 4K, High Dynamic Range (HDR) video
  • Movie theater-quality sound
  • Added voice clarity with Voice + from Dolby
  • Consistent volume across channels
  • Enhanced internet content on demand

“This milestone underscores the growth of NEXTGEN TV broadcasts and installed television sets and showcases Phoenix’s evolution from innovative broadcasters’ blueprint to reality,” stated Greg Coburn, director of NEXTGEN TV for Univision Communications Inc. “NEXTGEN TV ensures the future of television, where content and the experience of watching culminate – informing, entertaining, and inspiring viewers.”

The 11 local stations that have launched the new generation digital TV broadcast technology are Arizona PBS’ KAET (PBS, Channel 8), The E.W. Scripps Company’s KASW (CW, Channel 61) and KNXV (ABC, Channel 15), FOX owned-and-operated KSAZ (FOX, Channel 10) and KUTP (Fox10 Xtra, Channel 45), Meredith Local Media’s KPHO (CBS, Channel 5) and KTVK (Independent, Channel 3), NBCUniversal owned KTAZ (Telemundo, Channel 39; finalizing its service availability by the end of the summer),  TEGNA’s KPNX (NBC, Channel 12), and Univision’s KFPH-CD (UniMas, Channel 35) and KTVW (Univision, Channel 33).

“Phoenix was the first NEXTGEN TV launch in the nation, and we are pleased to be expanding the NEXTGEN TV viewing opportunities for the Phoenix area,” added Anne Schelle, managing director of Pearl TV, the broadcaster business group that is coordinating NEXTGEN TV station launches. “NEXTGEN TV isn’t just better TV, it is a new enhanced TV experience that is revolutionizing how viewers interact with their home screens, by merging over-the-air TV with the internet. Viewers will be able to get the most out of live programming, such as news, events and sports on even more channels.”

The participating stations have worked together to ensure current programming remains available to all viewers, regardless of whether their television service is provided over-the air or by a cable or satellite company. Antenna viewers can simply rescan their TV sets to ensure full service. Rescan instructions are available at: Cable and satellite subscribers do not need to take any action. Because NEXTGEN TV has no impact on a household’s internet bandwidth, there is no competition for bandwidth in the home, allowing viewers to benefit from the enhanced viewing experience alongside whatever streaming platform they use.

Phoenix viewers can learn more about NEXTGEN TV by visiting, which offers a guide to cities carrying the service, as well as links to available NEXTGEN TV models.

About Pearl TV:
Pearl TV is a business organization of U.S. broadcast companies with a shared interest in exploring forward-looking broadcasting opportunities, including innovative ways of promoting local broadcast TV content and developing digital media and wireless platforms for the broadcast industry. Pearl’s membership, comprising more than 750 TV stations, includes nine of the largest broadcast companies in America: Cox Media Group, Graham Media Group, Gray Television, Hearst Television Inc., Meredith Local Media Group, Nexstar Media Group, Sinclair Broadcast Group, the E.W. Scripps Company and TEGNA Inc.

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