Celebrate our state with an ‘Arizona Memories’ marathon

On Saturday, March 10, we’re going to spend the afternoon celebrating the great state we live in. The fun starts at 11 a.m. with our “Arizona Memories” miniseries, which looks back at what life was like here through the 1940s, ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Then we’ll take a aerial view of the state in “Over Arizona,” explore state monuments in “Monumental Arizona” and delve down under the surface in “Under Arizona.” Join us for this marathon of the Arizona Collection – a full afternoon of programming produced right here at Arizona PBS.

11 a.m.

“Arizona Memories”
Look back at the “good ol’ days” in Phoenix when kids swam in canals, couples danced at Riverside Ballroom, and families spent warm summer days at Riverside Park. Plus, discover championship women’s softball teams of the 1940s and the annual high school extravaganza called “The Masque of the Yellow Moon.” Narrated by long-time Arizona resident Pat McMahon, this program blends old photographs, home movies and personal reminiscences to paint a picture of simple pleasures and homemade entertainment. Get the DVD.


“Arizona Memories from the ’50s”
Americans have always seen the west as a land of opportunity – the place people went to reinvent themselves. In the 1950s, the Valley of the Sun offered that opportunity to a flood of newcomers. The Valley was transformed by young veterans, entrepreneurs and families on the move who took a chance on a new lifestyle. The economic boom that began with WWII launched a decade of change and growth that continues to this day. Looking back, the ’50s can been seen as the dividing line between old Arizona and the new Arizona. Narrated by Pat McMahan, “Arizona Memories from the ’50s” is the story of the people who launched the boom years and turned the desert into the valley of their dreams. Get the DVD.

1 p.m.

“Arizona Memories from the ’60s”
Explosive growth was the hallmark of this dynamic decade in Arizona and the Valley of the Sun. Developers used a variety of gimmicks to market their new desert communities, the state got its first major league sports franchise, and malls made shopping a recreational experience. Teenagers found their fun at drive-in theaters and cruising Central Avenue. Barry Goldwater ran for president, Arizona’s Vonda Kay Van Dyke was crowned Miss America and astronaut Frank Borman, a native son, photographed the first Earth rise from Apollo 8.

2:30 p.m.

“Arizona Memories from the ’70s”
Arizona in the 1970s was a time of unexpected change, unprecedented extremes and unbelievable highs and lows. The Phoenix Suns got their shot in the 1976 NBA playoffs, in triple overtime. ASU’s football team played in five out of the first seven Fiesta Bowls. Women made history with firsts as TV anchors, judges and mayors, and Arizonans elected the state’s first Hispanic governor. But the state also faced a series of devastating tragedies, from the murder of reporter Don Bolles to the marauding Tison gang. The Arizona desert weathered an unusual series of violent storms, resulting in more than one 100-year flood. And all these events unfolded with a distinctive ’70s soundtrack that Arizonans Alice Cooper, The Tubes and Stevie Nicks helped define.

4 p.m.

“Over Arizona
This soaring aerial journey captures the dramatic diversity of Arizona, from its vast deserts and pine forests to its sparkling lakes and rivers and gleaming cities. Breathtaking high-definition images and informative narration are accompanied by an original musical score. Get the DVD.

5 p.m.

“Monumental Arizona”
Arizona is home to more national monuments than any other state in America – 18 remarkable destinations. As we fly over these sites,
Fly over these sites and marvel at the stunning landscapes, natural wonders and fascinating lore of ancient civilizations. Filmed in spectacular high definition, enjoy a wondrous journey across the state to experience Arizona as never before. Get the DVD.

6 p.m.

“Under Arizona”
Take a visually stunning trip into subterranean Arizona to explore the mysterious geologic and historic stories that lay beneath Arizona’s unique landscape. From the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley to Kartchner Caverns and the Lava River Cave, excavate the stories that have lived below our feet for 2 billion years. Get the DVD.

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