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The Salem Witch Trials | Genealogy Review


In the devoutly Puritan colony of Salem, Massachusetts during the mid to late 1600s, anxiety and mistrust led to a wave of hysteria when a group of adolescent girls accused members of the colony of witchcraft. Learn more about the dark history of the Salem Witch Trials with this clip from season 3 of Genealogy Roadshow.

Is Poisoned Halloween Candy A Myth? | Origin Of Everything

Every year around Halloween, we hear the same concern: you gotta check the candy for poison because strangers put laxatives in Tootsie Rolls, Razor Blades in Apples and heroin in Snickers. But is this trick or treat dilemma an actual reality or just a clever way for your parents to steal your candy?

The Day Of The Dead

From the new show “Lets Go Luna!” that premiers Nov. 21: In Carmen’s home town of Mexico City, she is asked to perform at the Day of the Dead festival and must overcome her fear of skeletons.

Why Does The Moon Turn Red? | Ready Jet Go!

Trick-or-treat! Or we’ll take some science too. In this spooky clip from Ready Jet Go!, Dr. Rafferty explains to Jet and his friends why the moon turns red during a total lunar eclipse (and no, it’s not because of ghosts!). The color red passes through the atmosphere easier than other colors, so even when the Earth blocks the sunlight, the moon will still be illuminated in red.


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Happy Trick-Or-Treating!

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