‘Sinking Cities’ shows how Earth’s large coastal cities prepare for future survival

As our planet warms, sea levels rise and super-storms become more frequent and intense, many major coastal cities could soon be under water.

“Sinking Cities” is a four-part miniseries coming to Arizona PBS Wednesdays at 9 p.m. The show chronicles how New York, London, Tokyo and Miami are preparing for the real-time impact of rising seas by devising colossal new construction projects and technological safety measures. These and other ground-breaking solutions are all aimed at securing their future from rising tides and future floods fueled by global warming.

Oct. 31: New York City

Discover how New York City might defend itself against rising seas and the next big storm. Watch online.

Nov. 7: Tokyo

Learn how Tokyo is fighting back against tsunamis, earthquakes and storm surges. Watch online.

Nov. 14: London

Explore why London’s Thames Barrier is no longer enough to keep the city safe from water. Watch online.

Nov. 21: Miami

Discover how engineers and planners might protect Miami from rising seas and violent storms. Watch online.

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