Hispanic Heritage Month on Arizona PBS

Arizona PBS celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage month is observed from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, recognizing contributions and celebrating the culture of Hispanic Americans.

Arizona PBS asked a few friends of the station to share what being Hispanic American means to them.

Chef Silvana Salcido Esparaza, has run Barrio Cafe in Phoenix since 2002. Known for her award-winning cuisine as well as her advocacy within the Latino community, Esparaza has appeared on “Plate & Pour” and “Art in the 48.”

Rafael Fonseca, M.D., is the director for Innovation and Transformational Relationships at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Arizona. His research interests include myeloma and related conditions, new drug development, pharmacoeconomics and policy.

Marisa Rodriguez Upham is the executive administrative support specialist at Arizona PBS.

Alberto Rios, host of “Art in the 48,” is an award-winning author and Arizona’s Poet Laureate. He’s also a Regents’ Professor at Arizona State University, where he has taught for more than 30 years and where he holds the Katharine C. Turner Endowed Chair in English.

Vanessa Ruiz, host of “Catalyst,” is director for diversity initiatives and community engagement at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She is also a Southwest Borderlands Initiative Professor of Practice and was previously the main evening news anchor for KPNX, the NBC affiliate station in Phoenix.

Jose Cardenas, host of “Horizonte,” is senior vice president and general counsel of Arizona State University. He was a partner in the law firm of Lewis and Roca before joining ASU in 2009.

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