Watch Arizona PBS’ 2021 Emmy-nominated programs

This August, Arizona PBS received 16 Emmy® nominations from the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and three of these nominees won!

As a public broadcaster, Arizona PBS exists as a public square: a space for conversation, education and civil discourse. We connect our audience to the world around them. Nominations like these affirm that as we serve our communities, we’re also creating programs that are among the best of our industry peers.

None of this great local content would be possible without the support of our viewers. Everything we create, any excellence we achieve, can be traced directly to your generous support of Arizona PBS.

Please enjoy the Emmy-nominated programs on this page, and consider supporting Arizona PBS to help make possible the programs that might be next year’s award recipients. Thank you for believing in us.

Overall Excellence

Arizona PBS was nominated for the very prestigious category of overall station excellence, recognizing our service to the communities of which we are a part.

“Art in the 48”

“Art in the 48” puts local artists and arts organizations in the spotlight. The show won an Emmy® in 2020 for an episode from its very first season.

“In the Paint” — Arts / Entertainment

“Finding Your Passion” — Magazine Program

“Plate & Pour”

“Plate & Pour,” which explores Arizona’s food and restaurant scene, won two Emmy® Awards in 2019 for its first season and three more in 2020. Host Mark Tarbell is a Phoenix chef and restaurateur who brings viewers into the kitchen and behind the bar.

“Big Dreams” — Magazine Program

“Back to the Farm” — Informational / Instructional

“Pass It On” — Interview / Discussion 🏆

Mark Tarbell — Host / Narrator

Additional Nominations

Celebrating Black History Month — Program Promotion: Campaign

Timothy Larsen — Editor, Short Form

Rodolfo Romo — Lighting: Location or Studio


Produced by advanced journalism students at ASU’s Cronkite School, “Catalyst” explores groundbreaking science being done by researchers at Arizona State. “Catalyst” also received an Emmy® in 2019 for an episode from its very first season and another in 2020.

“Running Towards Herself” — Human Interest

“Isotopes, Migrants & Mysteries” — Technology 🏆

“Arizona Horizon”

With 39 years of thoughtful discussions around current events — making it the longest running local show in the state — “Arizona Horizon” is a respected and multi-award-winning mainstay of Arizona PBS.

2020 Arizona Senate Debate — Politics / Government 🏆

“Break It Down”

With deep dives into the issues that most impact your life, “Break It Down” explores the topics that matter to you.

“Claiming Kamala” — Interview / Discussion

Produced by Central Sound at Arizona PBS

Central Sound at Arizona PBS is dedicated to capturing classical and acoustic music performances of the highest professional caliber. The team produces programs for local and national broadcast on radio and TV.

“Carter Pann: Soprano Saxophone Concerto (2019)” — Audio, Live or Post Produced

“True Concord Voices and Orchestra: A Savior from on High” — Audio, Live or Post Produced

Nominated content produced by Central Sound at Arizona PBS

Carter Pann: Soprano Saxophone Concerto (2019)

“True Concord Voices and Orchestra: A Savior from on High”

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