Our Voices: Oskar Knoblauch Reflects

Holocaust survivor Oskar Knoblauch speaks to “Our Voices” about bullying, the importance of working together and his faith in humanity.

Oskar Knoblauch reflects on bystanders and bullying

Oskar Knoblauch talks about being bullied in his youth in Nazi Germany. He remembers that, beyond the bullies who were hitting him was a circle of bystanders. He encourages viewers instead to stand up for what is right.

Oskar Knoblauch on the importance of working together

Oskar Knoblauch explains his belief on the importance of working together and the dangers of a divided country. He shares his thoughts that we can make this a world a better place if we learn to work together with one another, to live with one another. Hate doesn’t accomplish anything.

Oskar Knoblauch reflects on faith in humanity

Oskar Knoblauch reflects on bouncing back after losing faith in humanity. “All it takes is one person,” he says.

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