The Letter: A Message for Our Earth

Wednesday, Dec. 21 at 7 p.m.

In 2015, Pope Francis wrote a pastoral letter called Laudato Si’ (“Praise Be”),a reflection on the state of the planet that confronted the looming calamity of human impact on the Earth and all life on it. One of the most ambitious and revolutionary papal statements in history, it was directed not just to Catholics, but to every single person in the world.

The letter sparked both controversy and praise as the Pope took a passionate stance on the issue of climate change, stressing how those whose voices are not heard — the poor and the disenfranchised — are suffering the most devastating effects of the crisis.

Produced by Off the Fence (My Octopus Teacher), THE LETTER: A MESSAGE FOR OUR EARTH follows the ramifications of the Pope’s groundbreaking letter and takes viewers around the world to see firsthand how climate change is affecting the daily lives of people.

THE LETTER tells the stories of people from around the globe whose everyday lives have been profoundly impacted by global warming. As part of his effort to show the world the calamitous effects of climate change, the Pope invited individuals to the Vatican to speak on behalf of four groups — the poor, the Indigenous, youth and nature.

The stories of these activists are featured in the film: Arouna Kandé, a climate change refugee from Senegal; Chief Dadá Borarí from the Maró Indigenous Lands of the Brazilian Amazon, under attack from uncontrolled deforestation; teenaged climate activist Ridhima Pandey of India; and scientists Greg Asner and Robin Martin from Hawaii, who are raising awareness of the devastating coral loss that threatens more than 25 percent of marine life.

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