Gina Godbehere on her run for Maricopa County Attorney | June 18, 2024

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Ted Simons sat down with Gina Godbehere, a Republican candidate running for Maricopa County Attorney.

Incumbent Rachel Mitchell declined the invitation for the debate against Godbehere. 

“I’m running because we have seen an epidemic of leniency in Maricopa County and it’s disappointing that this is not a debate. My opponent Rachel Mitchell is an elected official. She was elected by your voters, she deserves to be here and to answer the questions of why she’s implemented these policies that are hurting not only this community but crime victims…,” said Godbehere. 

Godbehere received an endorsement from Republican Mark Brnovich. 

“I absolutely accept his endorsement. I’m honored to have his endorsement. Attorney General Brnovich, when he was here, has been a fighter for victims his entire 30 year career. I’ve worked with him, I know his passion he serves on the Childhelp board. The fact that he has endorsed me because he knows that we need someone a fighter, we need a prosecutor not a politician and that’s what I’ve been…,” said Godbehere. 

In addition to running for Maricopa County Attorney, Godbehere has spent 28 years as a public servant. 

“We need someone who’s going to show up every day and work to fix the problems in our criminal justice system. We have real issues that need to be addressed from homelessness to addiction that we can no longer ignore and pretend that everything is okay,” said Godbehere. 

Godbehere would’ve handled election matters differently if she were the attorney at the time. 

“If there was any evidence of an election crime, that is my job as the county attorney would be to investigate and prosecute regardless of who committed those crimes,” said Godbehere. 

She added that there were some concerns just from common sense in the past election and she is working to fix these issues. 

“I think that there were concerns with the election just from common sense. I watched the long lines, the issues with the tabulators. People have not lost trust in our elections and we have to change that,” said Godbehere.

Gina Godbehere (R), Maricopa County Attorney candidate

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