Maricopa County Attorney on recent crime in Arizona

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Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell dove into the complex Gilbert Goons investigation, among other pressing legal matters.

The focus is on the charges against 13 adults and 6 juveniles in the southeast Valley, with particular attention on the decision to charge two 17-year-olds as adults. This decision highlights the prosecutorial discretion exercised in cases where individuals are on the cusp of adulthood.

Mitchell explained the legal discretion involved in such cases and addressed concerns about the handling of the Preston Lord homicide investigation. Mitchell assured the community of progress and transparency in the case, urging patience.

Transitioning to another topic, Mitchell clarified the sentencing of former prison chief Charles Ryan, emphasizing adherence to the law regardless of individual status.

The conversation shifted to the Tempe forensics unit issue and its potential impact on court cases, with Mitchell affirming proactive measures to address concerns and ensure due process.

Lastly, Mitchell discussed a recent high-profile arrest and extradition considerations, highlighting the prioritization of local proceedings in such cases.

Throughout the interview, Mitchell emphasized the commitment to justice and fair treatment under the law.

Rachel Mitchell, Maricopa County Attorney

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