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Explore the beauty, the people and the river that makes up the beautiful Grand Canyon, a marvel bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Home to Indigenous peoples like the Havasupai tribe, the Grand Canyon is the place where many people come to vacation and spend time with nature. Folks love the canyon so much that many who have vacationed here have decided to build houses and created a community centered around it.


With an average of nearly five million people per year, the Grand Canyon is one of the most visited national parks in the country. The National Park has volunteers who keep the Canyon beautiful and educate the community about one of the natural wonders of the world. These people dedicate their time and livelihoods to educating the youth on the importance of maintaining the canyon and its history.

Indigenous People

The Grand Canyon holds many values to the Indigenous people who call it home. To many, the canyon serves as a major spiritual center point. The Havasupai tribe resides in Supai today, but before being pushed out by the National Park, they used to roam the Canyon in the winter season to collect the herbal medicines they needed as well as hunting the deer, elk and rabbits. Meet and hear the story of Coleen Kaska, a woman who grew up in a home at the Grand Canyon.

The Colorado River

The Colorado River is the heart of the Grand Canyon. The Canyon is home to many special plants and animals. One example is the Humpback Chub, a species of fish as old as the Grand Canyon itself.

Flora and Fauna

The Grand Canyon has many different ecosystems which makes it an ecologically diverse location for plants and animals to live. The Canyon has almost half the total number of plant species of Arizona. Research groups look to discover new plants that had previously been overlooked.

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