Cleveland Indians Spring Ballpark

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Take a tour of the Cleveland Indians new spring training complex in Goodyear, Arizona.

Ted Simons
>>> Glendale's Camelback Ranch isn't the only stadium making its debut in 2009. here's a look at the new home of the Cleveland Indians over in Goodyear.

David Majure
>> in the world words of baby baseball legend Yogi Bera, it's deja vu all over again. spring training for the Cleveland Indians and their fans.

Baseball Announcer
>> welcome to beautiful Goodyear ballpark, spring training 2009.

>> lucky number 13!

David Majure
>> the team trained in Tucson for 46 years, but spent the last 16 in Winter Haven, Florida. now the Indians are back in Arizona, the city of Goodyear is their new spring training home. the weekend before the start of the 2009 spring training season, Goodyear ballpark was opened to players and fans.

Mindy Aleman
>> we're so excited for you with this fabulous facility. no bugs, no humidity, fabulous weather. I know you're going to have a dynamite season.

Zach Jackson
>> it's absolutely beautiful. it's great to have the fans out here too. they did a great job, obviously.

David Majure
>> the stadium seats about 10,000 people. it includes six suites on the second floor of the grandstand, and space for large groups on the third floor terrace.

Cliff Lee
>> it's nice. my first time to be here. it's definitely new and clean. I have no complaints.

Grady Sizemore
>> I like it a lot. it's a great fit for us. it's exciting to have a new ballpark and be part of a new city.

David Majure
>> the stadium is important to the team, but it's this 47-acre complex just south of the ballpark that convinced the Indians to move to Arizona. it has six practice fields and just about everything the team needs to help its major and minor league players get in shape, stay in shape, and prepare for baseball.

Mark Shapiro
>> this is with only a few financial limitations, this is our wish list. it's a value engineer wish list.
David Majure
>> Indians general manager says careful planning went into the complex, which will be used by the team all year long. it's an opportunity to gain a competitive edge over clubs in larger markets with far greater economic resources.

Mark Shapiro
>> we're never going to bridge those revenue gaps. we look for incremental opportunities to gain competitive advantages over those teams. this is one such opportunity.

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