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The Trinity Cathedral has been a part of downtown phoenix for 94 years and has been the home of worship for governors and the late Senator Barry Goldwater. See how the cathedral’s choir is now in the spotlight after it performed at Saint Albans Cathedral in England.

Ted Simons: In tonight's edition of "Arizona Artbeat," the Trinity Cathedral has been a part of downtown Phoenix for 94 years. It's been the home of worship for many notable Arizonans, including the late Senator Barry Goldwater. Now the cathedral's choir is in the spotlight after an opportunity to perform at one of the most sacred cathedrals in the world, St. Alban's in England. Producer Shana Fischer introduces us to the sounds of the Trinity Cathedral choir.

Shana Fischer: The Trinity Cathedral choir has a lot to sing about. This summer they were invited to be the choir in residence at St. Alban's Cathedral in England.

Erik Lindstrom: It was wonderful because that meant that we were deemed a good enough choir to handle an Anglican Cathedral set of services for an entire week.

Shana Fischer: Eric Lindstrom said it was long journey from Arizona to England. Two years of fund raising and every day practices. Choir member Carrie Ginger said all the effort was truly worth it.

Kerry Ginger: One thing that was, experience, the Anglican tradition in its original environment. For an Episcopal choir to go and experience what it's like to sing in a beautiful cathedral, much older than any building we have in modern Phoenix, it was very special.

Shana Fischer: Located just north of London, St. Alban's Cathedral is the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in England.

Erik Lindstrom: St. Alban's is, has a long history in England. It's built on the site of the martyrdom of the first English martyr St. Alban. It's site of religious pilgrimage since the fourth century.

Shana Fischer: The massive cathedral dates back to the tenth century. Most cathedrals in England have similar architecture but St. Alban's were there.

Gregg Ewart: There were the beginnings of it made from the bricks works of the old Roman city that was there. You could see parts where a wall had fallen over and the next guy who built it wanted to put his stamp so the style in this section of wall was different from the style of wall next to it.

Erik Lindstrom: We don't have anything in the states that really compares to that. It's a gorgeous space and the music that we sing here was originally intended for cathedral spaces. And so when you walk in and you actually sing it there, the music makes sense.

Shana Fischer: The Trinity Choir is made up of volunteers and staff musicians. They come from all walks of life. Engineers, teachers and professional vocalists. The choir performed all of the services every day for a week at St. Alban's. For the members it was a deeply moving and bonding experience.

Kerry Ginger: The trip certainly brought me closer together with people I sing with. And that really enhances the fellowship, it enhances the choral experience. There's been research that people that sing together create emotional bonding and cohesion. So it's made singing with this choir even more fun for me and even more special.

Erik Lindstrom: It builds a better choir. All of us are better musicians because of it. But more importantly it built a really strong sense of community.

Shana Fischer: The Trinity Choir is made up of volunteers and staff musicians. They come from all walks of life. Engineers, teachers and professional vocalists. The choir performed The Trinity Cathedral choir gives free performances during the year. Go to for dates.

Ted Simons: Wednesday get the latest on an Arizona court case concerning driver's licenses and the big stories from the Tucson area in our monthly series "Southern Exposure." That's at 5:30 and 10:00 on the next "Arizona Horizon." If you would like to watch tonight's program again or see previous episodes of "Horizon" or see what we have in store for the future check us out, That's it for now. I'm Ted Simons. Thanks for joining us. You have a great evening.

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