Valley resident speaks about COVID-19 experience, warning other young people to take virus seriously

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Following the reopening of the state, a 30-year old Valley resident went to a bar to hang out with some friends. Little did he know his decision would cause him to show coronavirus symptoms the next day. Horizonte host, Jose Cardenas talked to Jimmy Flores about his experience with the virus and his message.

Flores says at the time he thought very little of the virus and did not take the necessary precautions. He feels many in his generation and himself thought they were invisible.

Hospitalized for eight days Flores saw his oxygen level go below 80% and felt the effects of the virus. Now, roughly a couple weeks, after his release Flores has gone back to work and his doing alright.

His message to the younger generation is to take COVID-19 seriously and to follow the necessary precautions.

Jimmy Flores COVID-19 patient

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