ASU virtual summer camps provides young students with a college-going mindset

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ASU is offering summer camp options for kids from Kindergarten all the way to high school seniors. The goal is to provide educational tools for students while having fun. Marcelino Quiñonez, director of educational outreach and partnerships at ASU, explains what’s available for kids this summer.

“A lot of ASU programs have a college going component. And so we do our best, at least within Access ASU to provide that college readiness information so that our students, regardless of their age, understand what their requirements are, we also delve into the financial components of attending college. So all summer programs have a college going component so that we can best prepare our students to be college ready in the future,” Quiñonez said.

Prior to the pandemic, these summer camps were held in-person. “Over the last year and this year, all of our programs are virtual, but we are excited about next year potentially coming back to a residential component,” Quiñonez said.

There are many opportunities for areas of study for students. “They can study psychology, they can study criminology, supply chain management, astrobiology, health and wellness, leadership, computer science, there’s an array of topics that students can study, from, oftentimes college professors, so students are able to engage with college professors while they’re still in high school or even younger than that,” Quiñonez said.

There’s one thing that hasn’t changed with these ASU summer camps, Quiñonez said. “The programs are organized in a way so that regardless if they’re virtual, or in person, they’re interactive, they’re engaging. Students are able to develop relationships with our current students, with our professors, to really welcome them into the university. The fact that it is virtual does provide for a greater opportunity for engagement. I can tell you that last year, we had students from outside of Arizona that were taking part in our programming, and so it’s different, but it does provide some additional opportunities,” Quiñonez said.

To learn more about these summer camps, explore Access ASU Summer Programs here.

Marcelino Quiñonez, Director of Educational Outreach and Partnerships, ASU

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