Journalists’ Roundtable: 10-8-21: Congressional Hearing on “Audit,” Ducey Reprimanded by Feds, Sinema vs. Democrats

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It’s time now for the Journalists’ Roundtable and for a look at some of this week’s top stories, we welcome Rachel Leingang of Arizona Agenda and Bob Christie of the Associated Press

This week’s Journalists’ Roundtable covered:

  • Congressional Hearing on “Audit”
  • Ducey Reprimanded by Feds
  • Ducey Border Event
  • Sinema vs. Democrats
  • Udall to Run for Education Chief

Congressional Hearing on Election Audit

Rachel Leingang: “We just can’t stay out of the national news these days in Arizona. Some of our members of congress are on that panel and some of our local supervisors were there to discuss it. Doug Logan the head of Cyber Ninjas was invited but declined and instead went on a right-wing podcast.”

Bob Christie: “Mr. Logan has feelings about how this audit should have come out. He doesn’t believe it and had a preconceived outcome for how the audit was gonna come out and it didn’t come out that way. The count showed that Biden won. The elections are run professionally in the United States of America by local government workers, folks who don’t have a dog in the fight but just count ballots.”

Ducey Reprimanded by Feds

Rachel Leingang: “He had announced two different programs that attempted to hit back at schools that had implemented mask mandates for COVID mitigation. One of those allows parents to apply for funds if they want to move their kids to a different school and the other one was a reward for schools that didn’t mask mandates in place.”

Bob Christie: “There’s a $163 million to schools if they don’t have mask mandates and if they’re in person. There’s another $10 million in a school voucher program for folks who might not like the fact that their school may have mask mandates and they can take $7,000 in public money and parents can put their kids in a private school.”

Rachel Leingang, Arizona Agenda; Bob Christie, Associated Press

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