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One of the candidates running to represent Arizona’s Congressional District 1, Democrat Jevin Hodge, spoke with us about his campaign. He is challenging incumbent Republican David Schweikert.

Hodge heads the board of directors for a Head Start center in Phoenix. He casts himself as the beneficiary of a government safety net that he wants to preserve for others as well.

Hodge explains that he grew up as a son of a single parent in Arizona, and times were not always easy. His family faced complications such as affordable housing, food stamps, etc. Through hard work, Hodge was able to attend one of the nation’s top universities and came out as a young business executive.

“I share all of that because my story is not unique. It is the American story. I got my opportunity. I’m going to fight every single day for every Arizonan and every American to get their opportunity as well,” Hodge said.

The incumbent is not focusing on this, according to Hodge, but rather is beholden to special interests.

Why has Hodge Called Schweikert Corrupt?

Schweikert has been found guilty of violating 11 ethical standards according to his peers, Hodge said.

“He’s been sintered by his peers and United States Congress for the abuse of campaign dollars, fraudulent loans, first class travel, Super Bowl tickets. He can’t be trusted to manage his own money. We can’t trust him to manage our money,” Hodge said.

Regardless of whether it was him or his staff, Hodge said that it is his organization and direction is being taken from him.

Hodge’s View on Immigration

Hodge states there are two issues to think about concering immigration. One of them being border security.

“I fundamentally, wholeheartedly believe that we need to do everything humanely possible to support our local enforcement on the ground and increase investments in modernized technology so that our border can stay secure and our communities can stay secure,” Hodge said.

In regards to immigration, Hodge wants to develop a more modernized system.

“Right now, we have 19th century laws governing a 21st century process. Take the DREAMers for example. The DREAMers have been here. They’re taxpayers, contributing to American society, and law abiding. They deserve a pathway to citizenship,” Hodge said.

Jevin Hodge, Democratic Candidate for Congressional District 1

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