Discussion on Pru Payne, recipient of New Play Award

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The Arizona Theatre Company is hosting a new play, Pru Payne, that won an Edgerton Foundation New Play Award. The show examines the complexities of love and identity through the prism of memory loss. Performers and stars of Pru Payne, Gordon Clapp and Mimi Kennedy join Ted to discuss the show.

“The question of the play really is ‘When we lose the self we’ve manufactured and are proud of, what remains of the human being?'” said Kennedy. “I think it’s an important question.”

The place revolved around esteemed culture-critic writer Prudence “Pru” Payne as her memory begins to fade. As she begins to lose her memories and erudition, she unexpectedly falls in love at a memory clinic.

Kennedy left a eight year long stint on the television show “Mom” for this show. She said she burst into tears when she first read the script and immediately knew she wanted to help tell this story.

While the play deals with serious topics, it still find the lighter moments with humor. Usually through Clapp’s character Gus.

Gordon Clapp and Mimi Kennedy

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