Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Adds New Exhibit

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The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) is launching a new exhibition, “Language in Times of Miscommunication.”

This exhibit presents artwork from 18 artists who use various forms of language to critically examine the complexities of social reality during times of rampant miscommunication. Scottsdale Arts ONE Members are invited to a special Preview event Friday, March 3, before the exhibition opens to the general public.

Joining us to talk more about this new exhibition is the museum’s curator, Lauren O’Connell.

Native American Exhibits

“The Native Guide Project,” A series of projects highlighting the presence of Native Americans in the states. The artist conveys her point by using positive reinforcement language through the use of banners.

One example of the banners is, “It’s great how you acknowledge that Native Americans are still here.”

“Often times we address the communities as if they were from the past but these communities are still present here today,” said O’Connell. The authors “writing talks about the sovereignty about indigenous culture.”

April Bey

Through art, Bey is know for having created a whole planet of her own, “Atlantica”.

In this planet, “James Baldwin is president, glitter is currency, you can get there by going through portals that include tropical plants,” said O’Connell. “The artwork that she creates for it are often times advertisement or tourist guides fro the places.”

Safwat Saleem

The creator of “Concerned but Powerless.”

His artwork includes writings, collages referring to the American dream and some are inclusively in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan.


“We must really come together and learn how to communicate. That the language we use it really is impactful,” said O’Connell. “Open their eyes to get better perspective and compassion.”

The museum opens today.

Lauren O'Connell, Curator

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