Representative and Minority Leader Andrés Cano provides Legislative updates

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Democratic Representative and House Minority Leader, Andrés Cano, joined Arizona Horizon to discuss updates from the Legislative session.

Host Ted Simons and Representative Cano began the discussion by addressing the legislative adjournment.

“We are getting closer and closer to a budget,” said Representative Cano. “I’m so proud of our Democratic caucus for looking to listen to Governor Hobbs’ plea for both parties to come to an agreement on a budget that invests in key priorities.”

Representative Cano explained that the Democratic caucus has been very consistent in focusing on top priorities.

“Let’s fund our schools, let’s ensure that housing is addressed and let’s provide some support as well for our environmental protection, that is critical for many generations,” said Representative Cano.

Representative Cano also addressed the ethics complaint filed against Democratic Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton. The complaint was filed against Hamilton by three first-term Republican lawmakers because video showed Hamilton hiding Bibles under seat cushions in the Arizona House of Representatives Lounge.

“I think that the Majority could have handled this in a completely different direction, and now that the ethics complaint has been submitted, we are going to stay close to ensuring that that process works itself out,” said Representative Cano. “This could have been handled with a phone call by the Speaker and the Majority. It didn’t have to be a political ‘gotcha’ moment.”

Representative Cano also addressed the House vote to override Governor Hobbs’ veto of the HB2509, which has been dubbed the “Tamale Bill.” The bill would have expanded the “cottage food” law, which allows people to sell perishable homemade foods on the street, such as tamales.

“I do believe we have been looking for an opportunity to come to an agreement for many weeks now on this cottage food bill,” said Representative Cano. “House and Senate Democrats stand with our small business owners, with our cottage food entrepreneurs throughout the state.”

Rep. Andrés Cano, (D) Minority Leader

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