Author Allison Brennan releases new thriller: ‘North of Nowhere’

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Best-selling author Allison Brennan is out with a new thriller, “North of Nowhere.” She is also working on a new mystery series, set in Phoenix, which is expected to debut next year.


After five years in hiding from their murderous father, the day Kristen and Ryan McIntyre have been dreading has arrived: Boyd McIntyre, head of a Los Angeles crime family, has at last tracked his kids to a small Montana town and is minutes away from kidnapping them. They barely escape in a small plane, but gunfire hits the fuel line. The pilot, a man who has been raising them as his own, manages to crash land in the middle of the Montana wilderness. The siblings hike deep into the woods, searching desperately for safety — unaware of the severity of the approaching storm.

About the novel

“‘North of Nowhere’ is my first stand-alone. I actually had this idea back in 2016, and I wanted to write a story, after writing multiple series, a story that was finite, that was about family, forgiveness and redemption,” Brennan said.

Brennan said that it was very fun and tense to write something that was different from her usual police procedurals. This is Brennan’s 45th book, but her first stand-alone novel.

In a stand-alone, “You’re creating an entire world and brand new characters, and they have to be strong enough so that at the end of the book the reader goes ‘okay, that was a good story,’” Brennan said.

Brennan’s next series is set to release next year and will feature a family of private investigators located in Phoenix.

Allison Brennan, Author

airs July 26

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