New Chevelon Butte wind farm to operate in Northern Arizona

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A new wind farm is set to operate in Northern Arizona. With 105 wind turbines at full buildout, the facility is expected to generate enough electricity to power 110,000 homes per year.

The project located on the Chevelon Butte Ranch, is set to be the largest wind farm in Arizona and will provide renewable energy to APS customers.

Jim O’Connor, Chairman of the Arizona Corporation Commission discusses plans for the new project.

“The AES Corporation, private sector made their own net after-tax investment in this wind farm,” O’Connor said. “Phase one is up and running and powering homes right now in the regional area.”

The energy giant is making a $680 million capital investment into the wind farm, which will create an estimated $267 million economic impact for the state, the company said.

“We’re delighted, from the Republican or Conservative side of the aisle to see private industry make an at risk investment, no burden to rate payers,” O’Connor said.

The wind farm will coexist with the cattle ranch and continue existing land uses, which enables the landowner family and Arizona State Land Department to continue raising livestock and stewardship of the property.

“APS has been in the state for decades they are well liked and they have a good public relations department that engaged with the local communities up in Navajo and Coconino counties and provided 800 jobs with that project,” O’Connor said.

According to O’Conner, AES plans on doing additional wind farms throughout Arizona.

Jim O'Connor, Chairman at AZ Corporation Commission

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