Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego discusses economic opportunities for city

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Mayor Kate Gallego recently spent two weeks visting Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. She plans to meet with technology industry leaders to discuss economic development opportunities for Phoenix.

“The hope is that with Intel and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) making the most advanced semiconductors chips in the United States right here in the greater Phoenix area that we can attract more of their suppliers to come. We had a great chance to meet with people who are already business partners, but mostly manufacturing in Asia, and talk about the benefits of locating closer to these big facilities here in Arizona,” Mayor Gallego said.

The last time Mayor Gallego visited Taiwan, TSMC announced a $40 billion dollar chip factory in Arizona. Many of the products we use for our phones, computers and cars require chips, and bringing that production to the U.S. and Arizona is a boost for our economy and the job outlook, she said.

“It’s also more certainty. We all remember how hard it was for a while to buy a car when there were supply chain challenges, and if we can bring more of the whole chain process closer, there is less risk and more opportunity,” Mayor Gallego said.

TSMC’s largest customer in Phoenix is Apple, according to Mayor Gallego. Apple has corporate goals to bring more of the supply chain into the U.S. and to make products with more renewable energy.

“We got more attention than we’ve ever had. It felt like we’ve arrived as the Valley. We really are an international destination that people are talking about and where people want to locate,” Mayor Gallego said.

There are more than 70 different semiconductor companies in Phoenix, and Mayor Gallego said bringing the supply chain here would help a plethora of businesses. There are plans to bring more technological jobs near the South Mountain freeway. Mayor Gallego said a lot of Phoenix residents commute from the west valley to the east part of the valley for work.

“We want to make sure that people have great jobs near their homes, and we want to bring the high-wage jobs to every part of our Valley. We are hoping, in the Laveen area, to have a tech corridor in addition to the one around TSMC in north Phoenix,” Mayor Gallego said.

Mayor Kate Gallego, City of Phoenix

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