Attorney General Mayes takes action: CEO forums, voter access, and fiscal responsibility

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In our bi-monthly meeting with Attorney General Kris Mayes, we delved into pertinent issues on a range of topics. Among these, the assertion that Super Bowl CEO forums are unconstitutional. According to Attorney General Kris Mayes, these forums run afoul of the gift clause in the state Constitution, as they involve wining and dining business executives in a bid to attract investments to Arizona.

Mayes said she conveyed her intentions to the Arizona Commerce Authority, informing them of plans to file a lawsuit to prevent the expenditure of taxpayers’ money on wining and dining out-of-state CEOs. Subsequently, the Arizona Commerce Authority chose to withdraw, opting to utilize private funds instead.

Mayes pointed out a noteworthy challenge in reaching voters in the Navajo region: the absence of permanent addresses. Emphasizing the need for collective action as a state, she underscored the significance of addressing this issue.

Mayes also differentiated between primary and general electoral concerns, expressing regret over the decision made two years ago to expand the number of recounts. Characterizing it as a deliberate introduction of chaos into the system, Mayes advocated for ensuring the count of every legitimate vote.

Kris Mayes, Attorney General of Arizona

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