Hayden Flour Mills development update with Tempe Mayor Corey Woods

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The Hayden Flour Mills off of Mill Avenue and Rio Salado Parkway in Tempe were constructed in 1918, but the structure has been empty since 1998. Now, two Valley developers plan to bring it back to life.

Mayor of the City of Tempe, Corey Woods, joined us on “Arizona Horizon” to talk about these exciting changes.

“The Hayden Flour Mill is pretty much the most iconic site in the City of Tempe. It’s of course where Mill Avenue gets its name in the first place,” said Mayor Woods.

“But the site has been in a state of disrepair for quite a few decades now, and we’ve tried many times now over the city’s history to find projects to revitalize that site. And I think that now we have the perfect project, as a couple of our residents called it when they came forward for a public hearing,” Mayor Woods said.

The plan calls for eight buildings, six of which will be newly constructed structures on the 5-acre land. The focus will be on food and beverage and specialty retail. The 60-year lease agreement also includes a public park and an improved trailhead to Hayden Butte.

“They (the developers) have a really great idea and vision for how to revitalize that site with local small businesses, local restaurants, event space, all while paying tribute to what the mill means to the residents of the City of Tempe and its great history. So, I’m really, really excited about it,” Mayor Woods said.

Mayor Corey Woods, City of Tempe

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