‘All This & More’ New Book explores life choices & consequences

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Author Peng Shepherd created a new book ‘All This & More‘ about people’s choices including allure, power and the challenge of consequences.

This book becomes interactive for readers as they get to choose the main characters path or they can completely read the whole book.

Marsh, the main character is 45 years old and her life is completely different than she expected it to be. Missing her chance at romance, a fulfilling career and adventure, she wants to restart her life all over again.

Marsh, selected to be a star in the show, All This & More that uses technology to allow contestants to change their past life and present life. Marsh worries that this is too good to be true.

Peng Shepherd, Author, “All This & More” joined “Arizona Horizon” to share what this means for Marsh and her journey.

This book particularly goes in depth with readers and becomes interactive. The book will ask people about what path the main character should explore and the book becomes a creative experience. 

“This is a story about happiness, regret, second chances it’s really the perfect summer read and so I wanted to really bring readers into that and not just have you reading the main characters adventure but being able to experience what it would be like to try all of the paths not taken yourself…the book will ask you what the main character should change about her life… ,” said Peng. 

Peng hopes the book will encourage readers to think about themselves and their own path of life. 

“…I hope a little bit for yourself too…as you go through and you help Marsh figure out: What in her own past does she regret? What would she like to change? How does she want her future to be? Hopefully you think a little bit to about the choices you have made in the past and what you might do differently and what you would never change for the world,” said Peng. 

Peng Shepherd/Author, "All This & More"

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