CVS Invests in affordable housing for Arizona seniors

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CVS is making a $22.6 million dollar investment into affordable housing for Arizona Seniors with disabilities.

Construction of the housing just began and the development will provide residents with onsite wellness programming, services for disabilities and substance use disorder services.

This was a collaboration through La Frontera and Red Stone Equity Partners.

CVS is also providing a $100,000 grant to La Frontera Center to support the holistic suite of delivery service efforts and programs.

Joel Helle, Vice President, Specialty Physician Services, CVS Health joined “Arizona Horizon” to discuss recent updates with construction and the facility.

It’s important for the community to have equal access to housing, jobs and health. Without these resources, it becomes much more difficult for people to fight a disease or get tested for diseases. 

 “…Arizona has the fourth largest homelessness in all of the United States and especially for people 55 and older and or disabled people. We have a problem here in Arizona and this allows us to provide affordable housing by investing in federal tax credits…,” said Helle. 

There are approximately 85 affordable housing units for people 55 years and older. 

La Frontera provides different programs to the community including getting to a provider and a blood pressure test. 

“We’ve invested $100,000 there to with Frontera who runs the program there to make sure that people can get to a provider, get testing for things like blood pressure, for things like heart disease, to make sure they’re getting that’s the first step they’re getting to care…,” said Helle. 

The center makes it accessible for residents who have disabilities and make their life simple.  

“The affordable housing unit is set up so that if some of those units regardless of your disability they have access, there’s bathrooms, the getting up there in the elevator all of that stuff is very easy for people so that their disability doesn’t get into the way of them being able to live there and thrive,” said Helle. 

Joel Helle/ Vice President, Specialty Physician Services, CVS Health

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