AOC Proposes Impeachment of Supreme Court Justices

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Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez has made the decision to bring impeachment articles against the U.S. Supreme Court.

This decision was made by Cortez after former President Donald Trump received immunity and the SCOTUS ruled that presidents have immunity for their official actions.

Stephen Montoya, Partner at Montoya, Lucero & Pastor joined “Arizona Horizon” to discuss the latest updates about the decision.

Montoya said that it’s impossible for Cortez to bring the case against the court because she does not have nearly enough votes that is required. 

“…It’s going to be impossible for her to do because she doesn’t have the votes and because the speaker is a republican, he’s not going to put it on the agenda, she doesn’t have the majority. It’s not going to get off the ground, it’s dead on arrival at the House of Representatives,” said Montoya. 

It is definitely a possibility to impeach the Supreme Court of Justices according to Montoya, and the situation has occurred once before. 

“It’s happened once, that would be Samuel Chase. He was impeached meaning, they brought charges against him. Those charges were entertained by the United States Senate and he was not convicted and he served until his death. I think he was acquitted in 1805,” said Montoya.  

The case can also be viewed as a civics lesson for congress regarding the ethics code. 

“I think it is a civics lesson but more importantly I think that it should be a lesson for the court. The court recently declared that our president can not criminally be prosecuted if he violates the law in his official capacity. That’s a bad thing. The court has said that congress can not impose an ethical code upon it and only the court can judge itself,” said Montoya. 

Stephen Montoya/Partner, Montoya, Lucero & Pastor

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