Emperor of Ice Cream, Motive for Metaphor

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Modernist poet Wallace Stevens balanced his long career as an insurance executive with a
thrilling life of the imagination.

Actor Murray Bartlett, ice cream maker Gus Rancatore, cognitive scientist Laurie Santos, scholar Al Filreis, poet David Baker, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Bob Rubin, and the 2021 National Student Poets join Elisa New.

In this episode, we welcome guests:

David Baker, Poet
Murray Bartlett, Actor
Al Filreis, University of Pennsylvania professor
Gus Rancatore, Ice cream maker
Bob Rubin, Former Secretary of the Treasury
Laurie Santos, Host, The Happiness Lab podcast
Louisa Thomas, Writer for “New Yorker”
Members of the Scholastic National Student Poets

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